CrowdtrackerPro™ offers a clear and easy-to-use way of managing bookings from start to finish for crowds for TV productions, feature films, commercials and other events or jobs. CrowdtrackerPro™ is suitable for large and small agents and has a very competitive pricing system.

Our user-friendly software has been developed to offer an affordable alternative to manual booking management or expensive outsourced booking platforms. CrowdtrackerPro™ enables you to have full control over your Clients (like Artists, Models, SA's), Jobs, Bookings, Timesheets, Invoices and Payments in a secure online environment protected within the rules of the GDPR.

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With CrowdtrackerPro™ you can

  •   maintain Jobs/Events and Bookings
  •   maintain Timesheets, Invoices and Payments
  •   allow Productions to book your clients
  •   enable Production Accounts to process invoices
  •   attract new Clients and allow them to maintain their own profile


Do you want to stay in Full Control over your Client Base?

With CrowdTrackerPro™ your Crowd Base remains under your control and cannot be targetted by other agents through our system. Another benefit is that you are in full control over payments, so you always stay in charge and maintain your vital role as Agent/Manager.

Crowd Tracker Pro - Booking Management

Clients that are using our software are:

  •   Casting Agents
  •   Talent Managers
  •   Productions

CrowdTrackerPro™ features

From within your own Admin panel you can manage everything when it comes to booking your clients for a particular job.

Our software is accessible from desktops or portable devices, so you have 24 hour access from any location with an internet connection.


ABC Booking System

Respond to jobs and opportunities quickly by using the ABC booking System (Availability Check, Booking, Check-in).



The Timesheets allow you to keep a record of performance times and fees securely and discretely (GDPR). It also legally protects you when the agreement has been approved by all parties involved and leaves no room for error.



With the Self Billing and Commission Invoices you keep track of the payments and you can export payments in bulk (to any UK bank of your choice, provided they support the feature to import payments).


AD/Production Accounts Portal

You can stay in charge of the booking process or allow other third parties (Production and AD's for example) to do this in their own dedicated and secure environment.


Client Portal

Through your website, your clients will have access to their own data within their portal. This is a totally dedicated and secure solution, so you remain in full control over your client base.


Email & SMS Text Messages

Send emails to any party directly from the system. We have also integrated with a third-party so offer SMS Text Messages. You will need a subscription with this third party provider, but we can also integrate it with any other gateway provider of your choice.

Dedicated and Secure Portals

From dedicated and secure portals within the CrowdTrackerPro™ all parties involved can manage their own data securely, but keeping you in charge of booking management.

With the CrowdTrackerPro™ you have less paper admin and can enjoy the fun side of the business.

Admin Portal
Production Company
Production Portal
Production Accounts
Accounts Portal
Clients (Artists/Talent)
Client Portal

Our clients

Agencies/Productions who are already powered by CrowdTrackerPro™

Beautiful BBs

Beautiful BBs

Vivace Casting Agency

Vivace Casting Agency

Clanranald / Duncarron

Clanranald / Duncarron

En Masse Background Talent

En Masse Background Talent

R4OLJ Projects

R4OLJ Projects


Onboarding in progress

We're not a Casting Platform!

This means we're not competing with our own customers and you don't run the risk of losing your client base.

We provide an online software solution for booking management and accountancy processes in the media and entertainment business.

Affordable and Fair

Our software solutions are fair and reasonably priced, so you don't have to worry about losing a large share of your annual turnover.

Money we earn by providing this service will be reinvested back into improving our software, so you will always benefit from extra features we develop ourselves at no extra costs. Aside from huge savings for the agent, CrowdtrackerPro also offers great customer support.

Bringing everyone together

We work closely with all parties in the TV and Film Industry to try and bring everyone in the media and entertainment business together, so we can create an enjoyable working relationship and fair deals.

  • Casting Agents / Talent Managers
  • Productions and AD's
  • Production Accounts
  • Artists, Models, SA's
  • Unions

Integrated solutions

We have integrated CrowdTrackerPro™ with several third-party solutions and the software has multiple facilities to export data. We can also develop bespoke integrations with almost any third-party that offer web services or API’s.

  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe PDF
  • SMS Clockworks or a provider of your choice.
  • Bank of your choice
  • Your Accountancy software, like SAGE, QuickBooks or Kashflow?

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TV, Films and Commercials processed by CrowdTrackerPro

The TV series, Films and Commercials below are just a glimpse of the productions that have been processed through a collaboration between productions and our agents using CrowdTrackerPro™

The Crown
River City
Only An Excuse
Scot Squad

What has been processed through the CrowdTrackerPro™ Booking Management Software so far?

Films and TV Series

Eurovision Outlander The Crown The Nest Bridgerton Elizabeth is Missing The Small Hand Belgravia Succession Clique 4OCC Shetland Scot Squad Only an Excuse Burnistoun River City


Experian Cineworld Guinness E45 Lad Brokes Primark Innis and Gunn