CrowdtrackerPro™ is an Online Base and Booking Management System that offers independent Agencies a clear and easy-to-use way to manage bookings from start to finish by using their own base (SAs, artists, actors, models, etc). CrowdtrackerPro™ is suitable for small and large productions and allows you to book your talent for TV, feature films, commercials and other jobs or events.

Our user-friendly software has been developed to offer an affordable alternative to manual booking management or expensive outsourced booking platforms. With CrowdtrackerPro™ you have full control over your own Base (like Artists, Models, SA's). You can maintain Jobs, Bookings, Timesheets, Invoices and Payments in a secure online environment protected within the rules of the GDPR.

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With CrowdtrackerPro™ you can

  •   maintain Jobs/Productions and Bookings
  •   maintain your own Base
  •   maintain Timesheets, Invoices and Payments
  •   allow Productions to book clients you have pre-selected
  •   enable Production Accounts to speed up their processes
  •   attract new Clients and allow them to maintain their own profile


CrowdTrackerPro™ features

From within your own Admin panel you can manage everything when it comes to booking your clients for a particular job or production.

Our software is accessible from desktops or portable devices, so you have 24 hour access from any location with an internet connection.


ABC Booking System

Respond to jobs and opportunities quickly by using the ABC booking System (Availability Check, Booking, Check-in).


Base Management & Client Portal

Remain in full control of your Base from your dedicated Admin Portal. Additionally your clients will have access to their data from their own secure portal.


Production & Accounts Portal

You can stay in charge of the booking process or allow other third parties (Production and AD's for example) to Book and Release your preselected clients from their own dedicated and secure environment.


Digital Chits

The digital Timesheets/Chits allow you to keep a record of performance times and fees securely and discretely (GDPR). It also legally protects you when the agreement has been approved by all parties involved and leaves no room for error.



With the Self Billing and Commission Invoices you keep track of the payments and you can export payments in bulk (to any UK bank of your choice, provided they support the feature to import payments).


Email & SMS Text Messages

Send emails to any party directly from the system. We have also integrated with several third-parties* to offer SMS Text Messages. * You will need a subscription with this third party provider.

Do you want to remain in Full Control of your own Client Base?

With CrowdTrackerPro™ your Crowd Base remains under your control within a secure independent database and cannot be accessed/used by other agents using our system. Another benefit is that you are in full control over payments, so you always stay in charge and maintain your vital role as Agent/Manager. With bulk payment options available, you can easily pay your clients with just a few clicks through your own bank.

Crowd Tracker Pro - Base and Booking Management

With the CrowdTrackerPro™ you have less paper admin and can enjoy the fun side of the business.

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