CrowdtrackerPro™ has been developed by a former background artist who has 23 years experience of system/web development through his company Hedgehog Creations in cooperation with an agent with 21 years experience at both sides of Agency and Production life.

The software was built from necessity and from experience based on what is essential when booking large groups of people for filming.

We're looking for long term business relationships that are build on trust and reliability.

By working together closely and other parties in the TV and Film Industry we strive to continuously improve our products to support your business processes.

Meet the Team

Jan-Pieter Atsma

Director of Hedgehog Creations Ltd

Most people call me JP. I'm 46 years old and was born in the Netherlands. I moved to Scotland in 2007 with my Wife Josine and my business Hedgehog Creations. Although I'm fluent in English, I will never lose the accent! CrowdTrackerPro is a passion that has turned into a fantastic solution for casting agencies to manage their talent more efficiently. In my spare time I enjoy gardening and try to be self-sufficient in vegetables and homebrew.

Alana Hughes

Director of Crowd Tracker Ltd and Training Manager

Alana has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and has developed many contacts throughout the UK. Having booked for film, television and character models through her own Agency she has invaluable expertise of how productions work from inception to completion. Alana has always prided herself on ensuring that both client and artist are treated as fairly as possible. When not chained to her laptop she enjoys spending time with her family and baking cupcakes!

Meet the Freelancers

Dana Sutherland

Freelance Creative/ Writer/ Booker

Experience as a project administrator in an intense, high-pressured office environment within the oil industry. I'm a quick learner, easy to work with, makes a mean plain cake! I have a Masters in Television fiction writing. Experience on previous productions. Big lover of all things TV with lots on onset experience.

Tracey Roy

Supporting Artist/ Booker

Tracey spent 24 years working in IT support for the public and private sector. Over 2 years ago Tracey had a change of priorities, left her job and started working as an SA. Tracey enjoys seeing how productions work behind the scenes and meeting many wonderful people. In her spare time Tracey is happiest whilst wildlife watching and walking her dog.

Our clients

The agencies below are already powered by CrowdTrackerPro™

RentaCrowd Extras Agency

RentaCrowd Extras Agency

Beautiful BBs

Beautiful BBs

Vivace Casting Agency

Vivace Casting Agency

DTBD Productions

DTBD Productions


Onboarding in progress