CrowdTrackerPro™ has been developed by a former background artist who has over 25 years experience of system/web development through his company Hedgehog Creations in cooperation with an agent with over 20 years experience at both sides of Agency and Production life.

The software was built from necessity and from experience based on what is essential when booking small and large groups of people for the TV and Film industry.

We're looking for long term business relationships that are build on trust and respect.

By working together closely with all parties in the TV and Film Industry we strive to continuously improve our product to support your business processes.

Who are we?

Jan-Pieter Atsma

Director of Crowd Tracker Ltd and Hedgehog Creations

JP has over 25 years experience in web\systems development. After getting his a bachelor's degree in Informatics, he worked for Councils, international Companies and helped dozens of small businesses getting a web presence or a professional eCommerce site. CrowdTrackerPro is a passion that has turned into a fantastic solution for casting\extras agencies to manage their talent more efficiently. In his spare time he enjoys gardening and self-sufficiency in vegetables and homebrew.

Alana Hughes

Director of Crowd Tracker Ltd and Training Manager

Alana has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and has developed many contacts throughout the UK. Having booked for film, television and character models through her own Agency she has invaluable expertise of how productions work from inception to completion. Alana has always prided herself on ensuring that both client and artist are treated as fairly as possible. When not chained to her laptop she enjoys spending time with her family and baking cupcakes!

Our Ethos

Affordable and Fair

Our software solutions are fair and reasonably priced, so you don't have to worry about losing a large share of your annual turnover.

Money we earn by providing this service will be reinvested back into improving our software, so you will always benefit from extra features we develop ourselves at no extra costs. Aside from huge savings for the agent, CrowdTrackerPro also offers great customer support.

Bringing everyone together

We work closely with all parties in the TV and Film Industry to try and bring everyone in the media and entertainment business together, so we can create an enjoyable working relationship and fair deals.

  • SA Agencies and Talent Managers
  • Casting Agents
  • Productions and AD's
  • Production Accounts
  • Artists, Actors, Models, SA's
  • Unions